Environmental Sustainability

Carolina Adventure World is committed to our relationship with good ol’ Mother Nature, and quite frankly, we love these beautiful 2,600 acres of God’s great country. That’s why we’ve established a few guidelines you can follow to help us protect the land as you’re out making mega memories with your favorite people. You play a huge role in minimizing our impact on the environment every time you visit our park. Here are some helpful tips to follow:

  • Stay on the designated trails and only ride off-trail in open riding areas.
  • Only ride through water at designated crossings.
  • Stay out of the stream bed, even when it’s dry, to protect plants that affect water quality.
  • Always dispose of trash, including food waste, in trash cans and designated areas.
  • Don’t let plastic bags and paper trash blow away.
  • Pack it in. Pack it out. Or, don’t leave any trash or belongings behind. Remember, you could be out on the trails all day, so be sure to pack a trash bag and leave the trails better than you found them.
  • Make sure your off-highway vehicle is well-maintained, all parts are securely attached and nothing leaks.
  • Replace the tires on your OHV when they are worn out and always dispose of used tires properly.
  • Dispose of pet waste in the designated areas.
  • Make sure the septic tank in your RV doesn’t leak.

We appreciate your love for the outdoors and your efforts to keep CAW a beautiful place to ride.